The Carnival Girl

The Carnival Girl - Phyllis Horne - A Master Storyteller

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Some people talk about running away to join the carnival — but Phyllis Horne really did it! At 14, she was stuck in a home where abuse & alcoholism were the norm, so she headed out to find something better. Living under a bridge, Horne was taken in by carnie's — Carnival Workers — who showed her the ways of the carnie's gypsy life.

Soon Horne was traveling from city to city, relishing in her new career — and gathering stories as she went. But working for the carnival wasn't all fun & games. Horne endured brushes with the law, broken relationships and family trials. But she rose above those challenges to eventually own her own business and earn a comfortable retirement in Idaho.

A master storyteller, Horne will charm you with her absorbing tales of the carnie lifestyle and her rise to success. You will be inspired to realize anyone — even a young runaway to the carnival — can experience The American Dream.

Your life will be changed...